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About the Show

Hosted by Shannon Skinner and broadcast from Toronto, Extraordinary Women TV ™ is a television and online show for women about getting our dreams into action – and living extraordinary lives. Shannon gets up close and personal with successful women from all walks of life. Shannon’s gift is in her ability to unlock what inspires their hearts — and the secrets of their success. So tune in, see through a new pair of eyes — and be inspired.

As seen on Rogers TV  Cable 10 & 63 in Toronto/Scarborough

Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner airs in Toronto on Rogers TV cable 10 & 63 starting January 2013

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The show features:

  • Inspirational stories and solutions.
  • Topics include: arts/entertainment, beauty/fashion, entrepreneurship, finance, health/fitness, humanity, leadership, relationships, the environment – and giving back.
  • Good to Know Minute regular segment: guests reveal their top success tips.
  • Woman to Watch regular segment: celebrating up-and-coming entrepreneurs
  • Extraordinary Insights

About the EWTV Platform:

This online platform is an entertaining, relevant and informative online resource for women everywhere to follow their hearts and dreams. It is the ultimate online “life-guidance” resource for women.

  • Each guest has a dedicated episode page that contains her video interview, biography and her syndicated blog (if active), so you can discover and learn from her — all in one place.


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Launched in September 2010, Extraordinary Women TV™ with Shannon Skinner began as a a first-of-its-kind live web TV talk show for women, and in January 2013 it was picked up by Rogers TV Toronto. To-date, 52 episodes have aired on television, and more than 300 episodes broadcast on the internet, which are posted and archived, with full public access, on this platform.

Shannon Skinner is the show’s creator, executive producer and host. She was inspired to create the show upon asking herself a quality question: “If I had one year to live, what would I do?”

Extraordinary Women TV™  is owned and produced by Comfy Chair Productions Inc. and Shannon Skinner.