Sarah Liberatore

Founder, STLTO Wine

Topics: Business & Finance
Interview Date: April-24-2012
Extraordinary Insights: “Do not be discouraged when you hear 'No.' 'No' just means 'not now,' it could be later. Just persevere and if you believe in yourself, you will succeed.”

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Sarah Liberatore is the founder of STLTO Wine, a fashion-forward Italian wine collection that debuted in 2011 to rave reviews from critics. Within two years of graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in marketing management and international business, Sarah’s concept - eco-friendly wines for women that are as delicious as they are stylish - became a reality on LCBO store shelves. A labour of love since inception, Sarah has made STLTO Wine a totally female experience by employing only women to produce the collection - from grape harvesting to the bottling line. Sarah was recently honoured by the Ontario Hostelry Institute as one of the province's Top 30 Under 30 innovators.