Trey Anthony


Topics: Arts & Entertaiment
Interview Date: February-05-2013
Extraordinary Insights: "Dream beyond your circumstances. You should never feel the need to have every single thing in place before you can start living your dream. Start where you are at. That's the only way things can move forward. Dream something bigger for yourself."

Audio-only version:

Playwright, executive producer, actor, creator, and stand-up comedian, Trey Anthony, is known for the groundbreaking production 'da Kink in My Hair. She is the first Black Canadian woman to write and produce a television show on a major prime time Canadian network. Anthony is a former television producer for the Women’s Television Network (now W), and a writer for the Comedy Network and CTV. She is also the Executive Producer of the Urban Women’s Comedy Festival, “da girl, sho is funny!” She co-wrote I Am Not a Dinner Mint, The Crap Women Swallow to Stay in a Relationship, which debuted in 2006 to sold-out audiences.