Jennifer Nichols

Dancer/Founder, The Extension Method

Topics: Arts & Entertaiment
Interview Date: November-27-2012
Extraordinary Insights: "Don't let yourself be paralysed by fear or insecurity and wait until that perfect moment when you're ready, because if you're always waiting to be ready, you're gonna push that date back further and further, and I feel that if you just take one step at a time and keep diving in and putting yourself in to new experiences, you'll eventually be in that place where you're confident to call yourself an expert, or an authority in that field. But if you wait for the perfect timing, you'll never get there. You have to take that leap, keep going."

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Jennifer Nichols, professional dancer and founder of The Extension Method™, is a CanFit Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Pro Athletics Coach. Nichols is a graduate of the Quinte Ballet School, where she completed her studies and major examinations as a dancer under the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Cecchetti method. Jennifer furthered her dance education at L'Ecole Superieure de Danse du Quebec and her post graduate studies with Ballet BC. She has danced professionally with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Ontario Ballet Theatre and Banff Festival Dance and has worked with several contemporary Canadian choreographers, including David Earle, Robert Desrosiers, Wen Wei Wang, Newton Moraes and Roberto Campanella. 

Jennifer continues to dance professionally, as an independent artist and co-director/ founder of the dance company ‘Hit & Run Productions’.  (  She is also a member of Atelier Ballet, the corps de ballet of Canada’s acclaimed Baroque opera company, Opera Atelier, with whom she travels this season to perform at the Royal Opera at Versailles, France, and the prestigious Glimmerglass Festival in N.Y.

She has also performed in several film and television productions, including the recently released feature film ‘Barney’s Version’, BRAVO feature film ‘Nureyev’, BRAVO Fact ‘Baba’, Paramount feature film ‘Save the Last Dance 2’, SUN T.V.‘s ‘Toronto Dances’, the National Film Board’s ‘Dance of Death’ and the independent dance short ‘Snow Girl’.

Jennifer is the founder of The Extension Method™ which combines classical ballet technique with contemporary athletic conditioning and is designed to impart the strength, posture, ease of movement, and sculpted physique of a dancer.  In November 2010, Extension Method™’s new home, The Extension Room, opened its doors in the heart of downtown Toronto. 

Jennifer Nichols: Blog

Mar 07 2013

Jennifer Nichols

Jennifer Nichols interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner Dancer/founder, The Extension Method, Jennifer Nichols talks about her unique method that blends ballet with fitness.