Eva Karpati

Publisher/Editor, Good News Toronto

Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Media
Interview Date: January-15-2013
Extraordinary Insights: "For anybody thinking about a community project, 'dive in' because there is a generous, giving community out there to help. Go fearlessly because the support is astounding, but will push anybody to success who has got a great idea to enhance their community."

Audio-only version:

Eva Karpati is the publisher/editor and creator of Good News Toronto: Our Everyday Heroes, a print and online publication. She started this not-for-profit endeavour in February 2008 without any background in the field because she felt compelled to change the perception Torontonians have about their own city. She was able to attract a dedicated team of professionals, students and citizens, all volunteering to make this a reality. 

Eva’s professional career is in physical fitness, having graduated from U of T with a BPHE. Working with her clients to meet their individual goals has been a vocation of pure pleasure and joy. But, in 2001, Eva was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year of treatment, she found her silver lining: the peacefulness of quilting. Eva then founded the Toronto Jewish Quilting Project. Since 2003, forty women have been volunteering twice a week to create quilts for people touched by cancer. Over 175 Angel Quilts have been gifted.