Alysa Procida

Curator, Museum of Inuit Art

Topics: Arts & Entertainment
Interview Date: January-29-2013
Extraordinary Insights: "Do not be afraid to take risks, and absolutely say yes to opportunity. You have to work hard to put yourself in a situation where opportunity arises, but when it does, don't be afraid to take it, because I would not be in the position that I am today if I wasn't jumping at opportunities when they came up."

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Alysa Procida is the Curator and Director of Operations at the Museum of Inuit Art in Toronto. She has a Masters of Arts from the University of Toronto and has also studied at the University of Vermont and University College London. As the Curator at MIA, Alysa is passionate about successfully engaging visitors with the artwork on display, effectively mediating information about the museum's collections to viewers, increasing visitor satisfaction and ultimately strengthening their relationship with both the museum and Inuit art. Her first experience with Inuit art was at MIA when she met Kananginak Pootoogook, during one of her first days at the museum. []