Got the February blahs? Try these.

Canadians know how challenging the month of February is. March is not much better. After months of low light, shoveling snow and enduring frigid temperatures (unless you live in Vancouver, in that case, stick it!), we start to get cabin fever from hibernating. Something I have noticed in my own life is that after hanging […]

Modern take on Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Mozart’s Don Giovanni, the Canadian Opera Company’s current production and one of the most beloved operas ever, at the Four Season’s Centre in Toronto. The last time I saw Don Giovanni, opera’s famous “bad boy,” was more than a decade ago in Prague, where Mozart first performed it, which had […]

Falling in love with India

Enjoyed a great night last night of celebrating the food and culture of India, at an event hosted by India Tourism, Vasco Travel, a Toronto-based travel company in the Indian inbound tourism market, Air Canada, and Canadian Travel Services, at the Novotel hotel in Toronto. There are many reasons to fall in love with India. I love Indian […]

What’s Cookin’ at United Nations Geneva

Something is cooking at the United Nations Geneva. The United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland has recently published a unique cookbook, Recipes for Peace, Rights and Well-being, which shares the secrets of many “recipes” for its peace and humanitarian initiatives that have changed the world, combined with superb recipes from some of Geneva’s most celebrated chefs. The […]

Do you have burnout? Listen to your heart.

So you had passion for your work. Now, you feel stressed, overwhelmed and a lack of joy you once felt for your job, career or business. The bounce in your step has turned into a drag. Your creative juices are no longer flowing and you have stopped creating all together, and all you think about […]