September 2012

Sep 29 2012
Jennifer Carlson Broe is the founder and president of Baby Gourmet Foods Inc., an organic baby food company specializing in nutritious and delicious packaged food for babies and toddlers. The entrepreneurial bug bit Jennifer at the age of 7, when she started a lemonade stand and a dog walking business. As an adult, she found [...] more...

Sep 09 2012
After interviewing hundreds of accomplished women over the past two years, in my quest to discover the keys to their success, I have become aware of not only treasured insights, but also recurring themes. One of those themes just might surprise you. For many of these successful women, the importance of having a regular meditation [...] more...

Sep 08 2012
Yesterday morning, I received sad news about the sudden death of Aleksandra Knezevic, founder, HA Solutions. I had the honour of interviewing Aleksandra earlier this year on Extraordinary Women TV. Coincidentally, only minutes before getting this news, I happened to be reviewing some of Aleksandra’s tips about how to meditate — her key to a [...] more...

Sep 04 2012

Leslie Traill

Leslie Traill interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Founder, Sexy Over Sixty

Leslie Traill, Founder, Sexy Over Sixty provides tips on how to handle menopausal years and stay and feel beautiful from the inside-out. more...

Sep 04 2012

Liliane de Vries

Liliane De Vries interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Founder, ALIVE

Liliane de Vries, founder, ALIVE, discusses how to have an extraordinary life. more...