August 2012

Aug 27 2012
My theme this week is one of my greatest loves: travel. I get tremendous joy from exploring our magnificent planet. Most people I know also enjoy traveling; it is seemingly universal. It is one of the best ways to get inspired and to change routine. While routine has its comforts, it becomes ho-hum boring, eventually [...] more...

Aug 26 2012
If I said applying for your first internship is a breeze, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. The key is to start early, interview at a variety of places and be prepared. Researching companies and their work is just one ingredient to a successful interview and possibly the gateway to your first internship or [...] more...

Aug 25 2012

Jen Kirsch

Jen Kirsch interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Dating and Relationship Expert

Relationship and dating expert, Jen Kirsch, provides tips on dating in the digital world and discusses how social media has changed our relationships. Kirsch appears regularly on CTV’s Canada AM, and is the co-host of Cosmo TV’s Love Trap. She does weekly segments on The Breakfast Show with Mad Dog and Maura on 99.9 Virgin Radio, and makes regular guest appearances in other media across Canada. more...

Aug 24 2012
Forbes released its 2012 list of most powerful women in the world. Of all the women listed — 100 of them – only one Canadian made the cut: Sue Garner, executive director of Wikimedia Foundation, and a former CBC employee. That means, a mere 1 per cent is Canadian. Here is Forbes’ Top Five Most [...] more...

Aug 12 2012
Courage is the ability to do something scary. It requires bravery to start a business, ask for a job promotion, travel the world solo, direct a film, rock climb, or make a lifestyle change. It takes courage to pen a memoir, and to share your dreams and innermost fears with the people around you. It [...] more...

Aug 10 2012

Melissa Bessey

Melissa Bessy interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

City Manager, Toronto Mom Now

Melissa Bessey is the city manager, Toronto Mom Now, an online publication for Toronto's moms. She is also a former entertainment journalist and is a regular "mommy blogger." more...

Aug 10 2012
SHANNON’S TRAVEL BAG: Travel Tips for Women Shannon Skinner writes about her perfect day in New York City. __________ If you know me, you know I have a love affair with New York City. It is a city that I find so electrifying and full of life. It is the heartbeat of the world. If [...] more...

Aug 08 2012

Marie Lorenzo

Marie Lorenzo interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Chair, Board of Directors, Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN)

Marie Lorenzo is the chair of the Board of Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN). In this interview, she discusses why women are the change agents, why many everyday products and foods are dangerous to your health, and what women can do today to have a more healthy environment. more...

Aug 07 2012

Sarena Parmar

Serena Parmar interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner


Sarena Parmar is a Canadian actress and emerging playwright. more...

Aug 06 2012

Ivy Ackerman

Ivy Ackerman interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Founder, Butter and Egg Road Travel Club

Ivy Ackerman is the founder of Butter and Egg Road travel club. It's focus is on food, travel, art and culture, and can be found in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Miami and other cities soon. Ivy discusses the creation of this unique club and why travel is important to so many people. more...

Aug 06 2012

Lesley Lewis

Lesley Lewis interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

CEO, Ontario Science Centre

Lesley Lewis is the CEO, Ontario Science Centre, one of the world's first interactive science museums. Lesley discusses her journey to success, why it is important for women to achieve not only in science and technology, but in all fields, and why inspiring other women is important to her. more...

Aug 06 2012

Jan Wong

Jan Wong interviewed by Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Author and Journalist

Jan Wong was once known as one of Canada's toughest journalists in the days when she worked for The Globe and Mail daily newspaper. After experiencing workplace depression, Wong set out to write a memoir about her journey and her battle with her former employer. In this interview, Wong discusses her memoir, "Out of the Blue," is an honest and insightful read for anyone experiencing depression. more...

Aug 06 2012

Katherine Hague

Katherine Hague interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Co-Founder, ShopLocket

Katherine Hague is the co-founder, ShopLocket, a unique online store where you can sell products quickly. Katherine is a young entrepreneur, having started her first business as a youth. more...

Aug 06 2012

Marilyn Field

Marilyn Field interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Founder & President, DAREarts

Marilyn Field is the founder/president of DAREarts, a Canadian organization that helps kids at risk have better lives -- through the arts. In this interview, Marilyn discusses the inspiration behind the creation of this unique organization and how it is changes the lives of many kids -- as well as her life. more...