June 2012

Jun 27 2012
Nora Ephron was the Queen of Romantic Comedy (Rom-Com). As a writer and director, she somehow knew how to drill down into her own pain and joy, and magically pull out a story that made us laugh — and cry: the perfect combination of emotions that make a good story. Much has been written today [...] more...

Jun 20 2012
I’m pleased to announce that I am now a contributing blogger to the Huffington Post. Every week, you can read my posts about the interviews I do on Extraordinary Women TV, as well as some insights I will share — and a few other surprises. Check out my first post: my interview with singer/songwriter, Suzie [...] more...

Jun 15 2012
She is talented, gorgeous, stylish — and powerful. The moment Canadian pop rock star, Suzie McNeil, walked into the studio for my interview with her on my web TV show, Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner, a brilliant smile — and a breezy “Hi everyone!” — lit up the room. This burst of friendliness gave [...] more...

Jun 14 2012

Laura Serra

Laura Serra interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Founder, Paws for the Cause/society columnist The Globe and Mail

Laura Serra is the founder of Paws for the Cause, an organization dedicated to helping our canine friends - using fashion!. She is also the society columnist for The Globe and Mail, and works in the world of PR as a day job. more...

Jun 10 2012
SHANNON’S TRAVEL BAG: Travel Tips for Women Shannon Skinner reviews one of New York City’s most romantic restaurants, One if by Land, Two if by Sea. Shannon experienced the “weekend jazz brunch.” __________ On a recent trip to New York City, I had the pleasure of experiencing a Sunday jazz brunch at one of the [...] more...

Jun 08 2012

Synchro Canada senior national team

Synchro Canada - Olympics 2012

ON-LOCATION INTERVIEW: a Shannon Skinner Special Report. Members of Synchro Canada's senior national team - on the road to London 2012 - sat down with Shannon Skinner to discuss how they push past fear, their keys to success, hopes and dreams about the 2012 Olympic Games. Team members include: Jo-Annie Fortin, Tracy Little, Karine Thomas and Erin Willson. On location at the Etobicoke Olympium Pool, where the team members met other athletes taking part in the 2012 Ontario Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championships [interview date: May 20, 2012]. This is part of an on-going series of on-location interviews for Extraordinary Women TV. more...

Jun 07 2012

Suzie McNeil

Suzie McNeil interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV


Suzie McNeil is a singer/songwriter and performer, who is known for her powerful voice and magnetic stage presence. In this interview, she discusses her latest album "Dear Love" and the inspiration behind her music and talent. And she shares what is at the heart of her heart. more...

Jun 07 2012

Darrelle London

Darrelle London interview with Shannon Skinner on ExtraordinaryWomenTV.com


Canadian singer/songwriter, Darrelle London, discusses her latest album "Eat a Peach," love, heartbreak, being "Fine" and why Perez Hilton fell in love with her music -- putting her on the map. more...

Jun 07 2012

Lesley Scorgie

Lesley Scorgie interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Best-selling Financial Author

Lesley Scorgie is the best-selling author of the books "Rich by Thirty" and "Rich by Forty." Based in Calgary, she is a financial consultant dedicated to helping people build wealth. Find out why Oprah had her on the show and how she believes anyone can become rich in this interview. more...

Jun 02 2012

Tselane Mokuena

Tselane Mokuena interview with Shannon Skinner on ExtraordinaryWomenTV.com

South African Consul General - Canada

Tselane Mokuena is the South African Consul General - Canada. In this interview, she discusses the importance of the Canada-South Africa relationship, the answer to getting South African women out of poverty - and her remarkable journey to success. more...

Jun 02 2012

Erica Lemieux

Erica Lemieux interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Urban farmer and founder, City Seed Farms

Erica Lemieux is an urban farmer and founder, City Seed Farms. Find out how this urban farmer came up with the idea of using the backyards of neighbours in the Toronto area, and turning it into a sustainable farming business. more...

Jun 02 2012

Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Founder, Yard Sale for the Cure

Rachael Smith is the founder of Yard Sale for the Cure, a unique fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In this interview, Rachael discusses her journey from having had breast cancer to how she got the idea for Yard Sale for the Cure, and why it's important. more...

Jun 02 2012

Marianne Katzman

Marianne Katzman interview with Shannon Skinner on Extraordinary Women TV

Owner/Director, Katzman Kamen Gallery

Marianne Katzman is the owner/director of the renowned art gallery, Katzman Kamen Gallery in Toronto. In this interview, she discusses the challenging role as an art dealer, particularly for women. more...