The heart of a redhead in two minutes

I was recently invited to be a judge at a speaking competition that brought together grade 5 and 6 students from a number of Toronto’s private schools, which took place at Holy Trinity in Richmond Hill. Over the course of a lovely afternoon, I witnessed 19 speeches, all roughly two minutes each, from boys and [...]
Sarah Liberatore interviewed on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Sarah Liberatore

Sarah Liberatore is the founder of STLTO Wine. She was recently awarded with the "Top 30 Under 30 Innovators." Find out what it is like to be a young 24 year-old entrepreneur. In this interview, she also talks about why she supporting the Ignite 'n' Connect event hosted by Positive Fabulous Women on May 4th.

Kelly Nolan

Kelly Nolan is a compounding pharmacist and director, Avita Health & Restoration Clinic, based in Brampton, Ontario. She is an expert in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), something so many women face, which she discusses in this interview.

Keep your dreams under your hat

When we have a big vision for ourselves, and are taking steps toward fulfilling that dream, it can be time of major transition and growth. When we are in this stage of growth, we need to muster all that we have to make our creative dreams come to fruition. Including our self-confidence. I have been [...]
Rona Maynard interviewed on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Rona Maynard

Rona Maynard, author, speaker and former editor of Chatelaine magazine. Rona talks about the significance of the mother-daughter relationship and how that impacted her life and career success, and also about the upcoming event - Ignite 'n' Connect - that she is speaking at on May 4th in Toronto (hosted by Positive Fabulous Women).

Oh Pippa

It was only a matter of time. Pippa Middleton is not unfamiliar with being in the spotlight since her sister, Kate, married Prince William last April. The world has grown in its fascination with her; it is reported that she is apparently more known in some countries than her royal sister. I have been following [...]

Toronto-New York by overnight bus: a test of resilience

SHANNON’S TRAVEL BAG: travel tips for women Shannon Skinner travels by overnight bus from Toronto-New York City: a test of resilience.       This past weekend, I went to New York City. It was a last-minute decision to attend a reunion with Oxford University alumni and also visit a dear friend. Since it was so [...]

Shannon Skinner’s Extraordinary Women TV announces its support of Ignite ‘n’ Connect as media partner, event hosted by Positive Fabulous Women

    For Immediate Release   Shannon Skinner’s Extraordinary Women TV announces its support of Ignite ‘n’ Connect as media partner first-ever event for Toronto’s women soulpreneurs, hosted by Positive Fabulous Women Toronto, April 9, 2012 — Shannon Skinner’s Extraordinary Women TV  is pleased to be the media partner of  Ignite ‘n’ Connect — the [...]

Why the Easter Bunny is my hero

Today is Easter Sunday. While many families are spending the day together, I have chosen to catch up on some of my creative projects — and reflect. When I was a kid, I loved Easter Sunday. The reason I loved Easter more than any other day of the year had nothing whatsoever to do with [...]

Martina Ernst

Martina Ernst is the President/CEO of Wo-Built Inc, one of few female-led design and build companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Wo-Built believes that women are great assets to the building industry, especially in the finishing trades. They provide mentoring and support for women, and help cultivate their distinctive talents whenever possible.
Meifang Zhang interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Meifang Zhang

Meifang Zhang is the Deputy Consul General China, based in Toronto. As a diplomat and former attache, Meifang lives an exciting life, meeting and working with many of world leaders and other high-profile individuals. The chances of a woman in China rising to the level that Meifang has achieved are slim. Find out how Meifang made it happen.
Monika Burwise interview on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner

Monika Burwise

Monika Burwise is a modern day mystic and co-founder, Global Awakening Institute. After near fatal car accidents drastically changing the course of her life, she has turned her experience into an inspiration message of personal transformation to help others. In this interview, she shares her inspiring story of how show met her now husband. It is not your usual love story...

I had a hunch I should listen to my intuition

Intuition is an intriguing thing. Depending on how self-aware you are, it can either be shrouded in mystery, or comforting and familiar. I do not always listen to my intuition, as much as I wish I did. I try. I am aware of its importance. But, sometimes I slip. Like last weekend, when a friend, [...]