Jun 26 2011

Founder, Tara Healing Sanctuary

Topics: Health & Fitness, Relatonships
Interview Date: May-10-2011
Extraordinary Insights: "Enroll yourself in self-love practice. Do one small thing every day that is self-loving to engage in your own compassion for 'self.' The more you love 'self,' the more you love others.”

Audio-only version:

 Tara Antler has been on a journey of conscious awareness, personal growth and spiritual development for most of her life. Discovering yoga and meditation in her teenage years sparked an interest in healing, health, our energetic bodies and the connection between the mind, body and spirit. She is the founder of Tara Healing Sanctuary where she facilitates one-on-one, group and distant healing and intuitive transformative sessions, meditation and yoga classes, and has become known as a Spiritual Advisor to many of her clients and friends. A teacher by nature, Tara is passionate about sharing, empowering and uplifting others to see their own individual light, inner love and joy, teaching others to go within and listen to their innate wisdom and truth, which can lead to the fulfillment of their dreams. She is based in Toronto.

Tara talks about how people can get "unstuck" and move forward in the direction of their dreams.

Extraordinary Insights:

“The best thing for people to do would be to enroll themselves in a self-love practice. Everyday do one small thing that is self-loving to engage in your own compassion for self, because the more that we love self, the more that we get to love others.”