Jun 26 2011

Love & Marriage Success Coach & Founder, Practical with Heart

Topics: Relationships
Interview Date: April-12-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Strong, supportive relationships are key to achieving success.

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Susan Blackburn is a Relationship Success & Empowerment Coach, Author and Speaker. She is the founder of Practical with Heart, a series of relationship and empowerment coaching programs for spiritually minded men and women. Her work is largely influenced by esoteric wisdom, universal laws and intuitive guidance. Susan’s flagship program, Sustain His Love, offers women ancient secrets guaranteed to influence relationship transformation without couples counselling, relationship conversations or active participation from their partners. All of her programs emphasize balance between body, mind and soul, self-care, passionate living and an understanding of the laws of magnetism and attraction. She is based in Toronto.

Extraordinary Insights:

“Strong, supportive relationships are such an important factor in achieving success, because no-one ever became successful on their own.”