Aug 07 2011

Sheri Andrunyk

Founder, Women for Women & IC Publishing

Topics: Business & Finance
Interview Date: May-03-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Be in integrity with yourself and others.

Audio-only version:

Sheri Andrunyk is the founder, Women For Women & IC (Insightful Communications) Publishing. She is a master NLP Practitioner/Business & Life Coach, Writer, Gifted Speaker. Co-creator of the Reinventing Yourself Workshops and Clarity Day Retreats for Women. Author of Hearts LINKED by Courage and My Grandmother's Laugh, both books brimming with incredible insight, wisdom and encouragement for everyday life and work. And also Working From Home and Making It Work, a must-have resource for all Entrepreneurs.

Extraordinary Insights:

“Be in integrity with others, and even more importantly, with yourself. The way you do that is making sure you have 'me' time. Balance your busy, beautiful life with personal time, reflection time, journaling time, meditation, whatever it is for you, and get clear about what that little inner voice is telling you and let it be your guide in your life.”