Jun 26 2011

"Green Living" Real Estate Sales Representative

Topics: Eco, Business & Finance
Interview Date: March-15-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Live from the heart, as true success radiates from the inside-out.

Audio-only version:

Having experienced challenges in her personal life and as a single mother of four adult sons, Miriam Sanua understands the importance of identifying ones personal core issues; and the interrelationship and interconnectedness of the inner environment and outer physical world. As a Real Estate Sales Representative, she is is able to combine her interests and passion for creating awareness in sustainable lifestyles in connection to the earth, building practices and real estate considerations and transactions.

Miriam has an intuitive understanding of the energetic ties and constraints that emotions play in the sale and purchasing of properties, and guides clients to find resolution in their real estate experiences. Miriam’s vision for the future of harmonious, sustainable homes and environments, and the manner in which communities will function co-operatively, is an unfolding reality in her life. She lives in Toronto.

Extraordinary Insights:

"Live from your heart. Track yourself every day - your feelings, thoughts, actions and experiences. When you learn more about who you are, you realize that true success and fulfillment is what radiates from inside-out."