Jun 26 2011

Founder & President, Local Food Plus

Topics: Eco, Business & Finance, Health & Fitness
Interview Date: April-19-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Find passion and go for it. Passion will carry you through the work hard and also through the inevitable low moments.

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Lori Stahlbrand is the founder and President of Local Food Plus (also known as LFP). LFP fosters regional food economies through a unique farm certification for environmentally and socially responsible production, combined with market development and public education. Before launching LFP, Lori was a well-known CBC journalist and broadcaster, a food policy consultant, university teacher and author. She has been a member of the City of Toronto's Food Policy Council, the Ontario Minister of Agriculture’s Strategic Advisory Committee and the Foodshare Board. She has also been an advisor to the Toronto City Summit Alliance and the Laidlaw Foundation. She currently sits on the advisory committee of Sustain Ontario. In 2008, Lori received a “Woman of the Earth” Award from the Yves Rocher Foundation for her contributions to growing local sustainable food systems. Local Food Plus has won numerous awards for its work. Most recently, Local Food Plus was named one of Tides Canada’s Top Ten Organizations of 2009, and won a 2010 Vital Ideas award from the Toronto Community Foundation. Extraordinary Insights: “The most important thing is to find a passion and go for it. The passion will carry you through the work hard and it will also carry you through the inevitable low moments, because there always are those low moments. And counter balance that passion with personal passion. For me, it is having a strong marriage, it’s making sure I’m there for my kids because I don’t want to look back and regret that I missed key moments in their lives. I’m part of a choir, I meditate, I’m a yoga instructor; those things really balance. And, as a little tribute to my parents, this is a truism: eating right to keep your energy up and to feel good. It sounds like such a simplistic thing, but it makes a huge difference.”