Jun 26 2011

Founder, Big Beautiful Wellness

Topics: Health & Fitness, Beauty & Fashion, Relatonships
Interview Date: May-03-2011
Extraordinary Insights: I take care of myself first. Then I can give back to others.

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Liz McCallum is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Social Worker, Wife (twice), Mom (twice), writer, traveler, life time plus size, and founder of Big Beautiful Wellness.com. For over 20 years, Liz has shared her open and down to earth approach, a quick wit and her ability to inspire changes with individuals and companies across Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Liz believes in people. She believes in LIVING. BBWellness is her idea of bringing like minded plus sized women together to create positive momentum for living full, active, positive lives. She has been characterized as “Smart, Funny and a Little Bit Wicked”. Extraordinary Insights: “I’ve had the same tip for years, and I got it from my mother, who I’m sure got it from her grandmother, but it is: In order for me to be the kind of women that I want to be -- mother, wife, entrepreneur -- I need to take care of me, Liz first. That isn’t selfish. It is only when I’m full and nurtured that I can be giving it all back to the people I love most.“