Feb 07 2015

Lisa Ridout

Jewelry Designer

Topics: Art, Fashion, Entrepreneurship
Interview Date: July 2014
Extraordinary Insights:

Shannon was on location at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition where she interviewed a number of artists, include Lisa Ridout, a Toronto-based jewellery designer. Check out her lovely jewellery at her website: https://lisaridoutjewellery.ca/

Lisa Ridout: Blog

Apr 26 2017

Do you have an LREJ Wish List?

Just like the seeds I sow in my vegetable garden every spring, over the past 25 years, I have also forged some great relationships with clients. Women who have found my jewellery designs through meeting me at a craft show, or been lead by other women that wear my pieces – they all have “a […]

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Mar 24 2017

Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Every One of a Kind Show, we artisans are challenged to create a competition piece based on a different theme. This year’s Spring Show theme is “Happy Birthday Canada”. I never used to submit anything to the competition. I was always too busy just working on my own booth presentation. But then, I started to […]

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Feb 24 2017

Where Are You Going This Year?

Josh Simpson and I would really like to know! Who is Josh Simpson you may ask? He’s a Contemporary American Glass Artist who has been producing the “Mega Planet Glass Marbles” in various sizes since 1976. I first heard about, saw and handled his work when I worked as a Gallery Assistant at the Sandra […]


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