Aug 04 2011

Lisa Delorme

Co-Founder & CEO, Rent Frock Repeat

Topics: Beauty & Fashion, Business & Finance
Interview Date: July-05-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Focus on your strengths, and be open and comfortable in saying what are you good at. This is how you can become extraordinary.

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Lisa Delorme’s sales career began when she was just seven years old – selling chocolate covered almonds in an effort to raise funds for her bowling team. After completing her B.A. in English at Carleton University, the young and ambitious professional worked for over two decades at some of the world’s largest corporations including Coca-Cola and Xerox. For three years, Lisa served as President at the Art Institute of Toronto, recognized in the industry for its prestigious Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, and Merchandising programs. She also spent four years as Vice President at the Education Management Corporation. Through her vast experience, Lisa gained the insights and experience to lead marketing, sales, and P&L responsibilities at one of Canada’s most promising new e-commerce businesses of 2011, Rent frock Repeat. Lisa relishes this opportunity to marry her love of fashion with her extensive sales experience into a dream-turned-reality. A determined and savvy businesswoman, Lisa is devoted to ensuring women across Canada of any age, race, or economic status have the opportunity to enjoy luxury and look fabulous for their special occasions. Lisa has been happily married to her husband Jake for fourteen and a half years. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her two dogs Chicago and Lenny.

Extraordinary Insights:

"Focus on your strengths. As we grow, we’re taught to focus on the things we don’t do well. We get a report card and read the stuff we do well fast, and then we focus on the areas of improvement. We’re taught at an early age to go to our defects and try to raise them up when really, if we know what our strengths are, we should build on those and continue to build on those and surround ourselves with people who have different strengths from our own. Be open and comfortable in saying what am I good at - and study that. It is how you can become great, fantastic and extraordinary."

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