Jul 05 2013

Founder/Editor-in-Chief, LisaLiving.ca

Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Business
Interview Date: May-28-2013
Extraordinary Insights: Work hard and not in a bubble. As entrepreneurs, we work hard and can get caught-up in everyday operations, and that is important. But we also have to get out there and network, because networking and relationships help build our business and allow us to grow faster and get where we want quicker.

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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of lisaliving.ca, Lisa Chin Quee is a woman who has dedicated her life to bettering the lives of other every day women. Through lisaliving.ca, Lisa Chin Quee hopes to teach women on the web how to balance the essentials; whether taking care of the nuts and bolts, keeping abreast of politics, finances, mental and physical health, family or global current affairs, lisaliving.ca is there in support of the everyday multi-dimensional woman. “We know that extra swing in your hips, fire in your eyes comes from knowing you look good,” says Lisa Chin Quee, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of lisaliving.ca. “With lisaliving.ca, we hope to bring that spark back to women, helping them feel confident and beautiful inside and out.” Lisa Chin Quee has been in the publishing business for the last 15 years and prior to that she was working in community development, advocating for women and minorities. While working on the front lines, Lisa recognized that most women were not making the best decisions simply because they did not have basic information. Lisaliving.ca believes knowledge is power; with more information women are better able to make the decisions that create a more fulfilling life.

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Dec 18 2013

Extraordinary Women T.V Interview with Lisa Chin Quee and Shannon Skinner

      Introducing my interview on Extraordinary Women T.V, with host Shannon Skinner. The show features women pursuing their dreams, in all areas relevant to us – from beauty, entertainment to careers. Simply…women doin’ it! Truly an inspiring show for women, whatever your interest.   Shannon’s easy going, down to earth personality made the experience for this non on [...]


Feb 28 2013

Are You Crazy/Bold Enough to Wear Two Different Shoes?

Maybe it's time to liberate yourself!


Apr 01 2012

Things that make me go…huh?

From the fans of the Hunger Game, Trayvon Martin to George Clooney...


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