Jun 26 2011

Founder, Not Far From the Tree

Topics: Charity & Humanitarian, Eco
Interview Date: November-30-2010
Extraordinary Insights: Do not be afraid to dream big.

Audio-only version:

Laura Reinsborough is the founder of Not Far From The Tree, a not-for-profit organization that harvests fruit from trees around the city of Toronto. One third of the fruit harvested goes to the volunteers, one third goes to the owner of the tree, and one third goes to local shelters and the food bank; preventing thousands of pounds of fruit from going to waste while providing healthy food to those in need. Laura is a pioneer and visionary for local food usage, and has won several environmental and leadership awards. Extraordinary Insights: "Dream big. No matter the scope of your project, once you have an idea, dream big, with no restrictions, and make it as wild as it can be. Then, after that idea has reached its full potential, scale it down to something that’s manageable for you."