Apr 14 2013

Author, Babes on Bay Street

Topics: Business
Interview Date: February-19-2013
Extraordinary Insights: Do high quality work and have a network of support.

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Janet Graham spent 15 years on Bay Street in Toronto, mostly in the employ of CIBC where she rose from the position of Associate to Vice President of Real Estate Lending -- one of the first ten women at CIBC to attain the position of V.P. and the first female lender to achieve this status. She spent the last three years of her career on Bay Street working at Wood Gundy, where she worked in Investment Banking. When she left the business in 1996, she built a consulting/advisory services business focused on real estate finance. Today, Janet is a Corporate Director/Trustee on the boards of Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation, a publicly-traded entity and the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation which is funded by the federal, provincial and city governments. She provides executive coaching and leadership development workshops on an exclusive basis. Janet is an MBA/CA. When Janet left her full-time position on Bay Street, her life changed dramatically. She bought a house and renovated it, became a dog owner and a coach, got married for the first time and became a mom to four beautiful children, joined several boards and agreed to chair several of their audit committees. And it took her all of these years to do what a friend finally challenged her to do, begin to tell the stories of the "Babes on Bay Street" on her blog babesonbaystreet.com.

Janet Graham: Blog

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