Jun 26 2011

Emily Hunter


Topics: Eco, Arts & Entertainment, Charity & Humanitarian
Interview Date: April-04-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Don't let anything limit you.

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Emily Hunter, daughter of Greenpeace’s founding president Robert Hunter, is a journalist, environmental activist and author of The Next Eco-Warriors. Over the past eight years, she has battled on the high seas of Antarctica to save whales; was held hostage in her attempt to protect the Galapagos Islands from illegal poaching: put a spotlight on the Canadian tar sands (the second largest oil project next to Saudi Arabia) with a TV documentary she hosted for MTV Canada; and stood on the protest frontlines at the Copenhagen climate summit. Currently, she works as a freelance environmental journalist, occasionally hosting and producing TV documentaries. Extraordinary Insights: “Be limitless in your approach in life and never let any person, bureaucracy, government or anything stand in the way of your dreams and your goals. Always build upon what those dreams are because you never know, those dreams might just be realized, but don’t let anything limit you.”