May 19 2013

Christine Lackan

Owner, BRAVA Boutique

Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Business
Interview Date: April-09-2013
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Christine Lackan has had an ongoing love affair with beautiful lingerie that began when she went on a school exchange to Belgium where she was first introduced to the art of French lingerie. Upon her return Christine worked throughout her schooling under the tutelage of June Taylor, the first woman to introduce and carry forward the concept of bra fittings to Ontario, Canada from London, England. Christine later started Toronto-based BRAVA Boutique, a leader in the intimate apparel world, located in the Toronto Path. The Brava team consists of young professionals who consistently keep up to date with current trends and the latest information on breast health. While collectively Brava takes the art of bra fitting seriously, the Brava Boutique atmosphere is light and each fitter brings a sense of joy to their sessions. In 2001, Ms. Lackan introduced an initiative that supported women’s shelters in the city and was the first of its kind in the intimate apparel world. Brava Boutique patrons were offered a discount on new items when they brought in a gently used bra to be donated. The program that runs for 1 month a year, is still happening at Brava boutique, it has seen upwards of 800 bras donated in 1 month. (

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May 20 2015

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Jan 23 2015

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Jan 23 2015

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