Jun 26 2011

Christine Cirka

Transformation Coach & Founder, Essence fo Success Inc.

Topics: Business & Finance, Relationships
Interview Date: March-29-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Believe in the power of your heart. Believe in yourself.

Audio-only version:

Christine Cirka is the Founder of Essence to Success™ Inc., a Certified Transformation Coach, Certified Passion Test® Facilitator and Canadian Ambassador for Connected-Women.com. She is also the contributing author to Marsh Engle's book Amazing Woman What's Your Story? Christine believes there is a powerful essence inside everyone. She empowers them to discover their true self and directs that energy towards their highest vision and unique purpose. Christine facilitates powerful breakthroughs from limitations and leads her clients to consciously create more meaningful and passionate lives. Extraordinary Insights: “Believe in the power of your heart, believe in yourself. And feel that heart energy, the presence of your heart throughout your day. Emanate that energy out, in nature or throughout your day. And believe in that energy to transform your world. So stop focusing on any of the negative things that are happening in your world and focus on sending out loving heart energy that you’re capable of. That’s going to come from your true essence and transform yourself.”