Oct 20 2011

Brenda MacIntyre

Medicine Song Woman

Topics: Arts & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Health & Fitness, Relationships
Interview Date: October-18-2011
Extraordinary Insights: "Be in gratitude all the time, especially when you’re feeling low. Sit wherever you are, look around, look inside you, and find things to be grateful for. At a certain point, you will feel the gratitude welling up inside and a sense of release."

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Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre, is a healer, business coach, spiritual mentor and recording artist. After 26 years of being in the spotlight in the media and on stage performing and public speaking across North America, Brenda is now channeling her powerful voice, healing abilities and business savvy into helping spiritual women entrepreneurs live rich, prosperous lives. Brenda has shared the stage with best-selling authors Dr. Masaru Emoto, Shakti Gawain and Gregg Braden. Her latest CD, which hit the Top 10 on 2 radio stations and earned Brenda a nomination for a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award, can be heard on the radio across Canada and the United States.

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Jan 09 2018

Sacred Playtime – How to Stop Missing the Boat on Life #TruthByBrenda

Can you believe I have to write an article on the importance of playtime? When we were kids, of course we knew how to play. It came naturally to us. If you’re not doing sacred playtime, you’re missing the boat on life. Then you grew out of it, and especially if you weren’t particularly happy […]


Dec 05 2017

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Oct 31 2017

The Key to Living Your Purpose

The one question I always get the most when I give oracle readings in my annual online gathering “The Power of Your Spiritual Calling event”… What is my purpose? Kind of like life, your purpose is not about the destination. It’s about the journey. The journey can help you define and refine your purpose. Here’s […]


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