Jun 26 2011

Arria Deepwater

Author, Spiritual Teacher

Topics: Health & Fitness, Relatonships
Interview Date: December-07-2010
Extraordinary Insights: Connect with your authentic core values.

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Arria Deepwater is an emerging power in the fields of spiritual and personal development.  For over a decade, she has studied and worked with trainers, leaders, healers and shaman from multiple disciplines. The author of Love Threshold, she brings a wealth of information, wisdom, and clarity to the issues facing us today as individuals, companies and communities. She is based in Ottawa, Canada. Extraordinary Insights "I always recommend that people connect with their authentic core values. Success isn’t so much how well you’re doing with what you do, but how well you are being as who you are. Connect with your authenticity, core values and live those fully. Being completely integrated is the true measure of success for me."