Aug 07 2011

Amy & Kim Sedgwick

Founders, Red Tent Sisters

Topics: Health & Fitness, Relatonships, Eco
Interview Date: April-26-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Says Kim: "Embrace the things you're good at and focus on them, and a spend less time on the things you don't enjoy." Says Amy: "Follow your inner guidance."

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Red Tent Sisters is a business partnership between Toronto-based sisters Amy and Kimberley Sedgwick. Although their educational and career paths have differed in many ways, they share a passion for women's health issues and aspired to be entrepreneurs. In the fall of 2006, their respective visions - Kimberley for a retail store that would promote sexual and reproductive health, and Amy for a service centre that would provide education and counseling for women's sexual and reproductive health, converged to form the vision for Red Tent Sisters. Their goal is to to provide a home, a safe space for women to develop a positive and healthy relationship to their bodies - a task that is becoming increasingly challenging in our culture. Kimberley Sedgwick has a B.A. in Gender Studies and English from King's College. Kimberley has over five years of experience in retail and has held numerous positions in the book and library industry. She is also actively involved in women's advocacy and gender equity issues. Kimberley co-founded the Gender and Women's Studies Society at Dalhousie University in 2005 as well as the academic journal the margin. In 2005 Kimberley performed in the Halifax production of The Vagina Monologues. Amy Sedgwickhas a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto and is an Adjuct Lecturer in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at U of T. After working as a clinician, Amy moved into a program development role promoting wellness and alternative health strategies for patients and staff at a local Toronto hospital. Amy is currently completing her training as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse Healthworks for Women. She is a professional practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage™. She works actively to promote healthy attitudes towards menstruation and fertility and to address the environmental connections to ill health. She is currently a board  member of the Women's Healthy Environment. Extraordinary Insights: Kim: "Embrace the things you're good at and focus on them, and a spend less time on the things you don't enjoy. That's certainly something I learned through the business. And especially for entrepreneur. We have the tendency to want to do it all and then spread ourselves thin. But if you focus on the things you really enjoy and are good at, you're bound to be successful." Amy: "Follow your inner guidance. I feel that as women we have deep intuition that guides our life towards our passion, towards what is going to give us a successful life. It's really about learning how to tap into that, listen to those messages and let it out and follow its way."