Jun 26 2011

Adria Vasil

Ecoholic Columnist, NOW Magazine

Topics: Eco, Arts & Entertainment
Interview Date: May-14-2011
Extraordinary Insights: Trust your gut and follow what you feel is right.

Audio-only version:

Adria Vasil is the best-selling author of the green living bibles ECOHOLIC and ECOHOLIC HOME. She has been writing the practical and humour-filled ECOHOLIC advice column for Toronto's NOW Magazine since the spring of 2004 and has covered environmental and social justice issues for NOW's news section for a decade. Vasil has a degree in political science and anthropology from the University of Toronto and a degree in journalism from Ryerson. An advocate for the earth, women's issues and human rights since her teens, Vasil has appeared on CBC's The National, Marketplace, Canada AM, the Marilyn Denis show as well as countless television, print and radio publications to promote green living.

Extraordinary Insights:

“The key to success is just trusting your gut and making sure you follow what you believe in and if it doesn’t feel right, turn the other way. I‘ve always true to sticking to my beliefs and just trusting that if I do that, everything will end up in the right place. And making sure that you're dedicating your life to what matters to you, that you are taking the time to enjoy your life as well and not getting too caught up in obsessing about work, but having that right ratio.”