February 2011

Feb 17 2011

Almost three years ago Shellyann was given a UNIQUE opportunity to see and explore our magical world with her heart rather than just her naked eyes. She is now giving hugs rather than just handshakes.

See what happened was almost three years ago while working in a lab Shellyann, was severely burnt on her face, neck, chest, arms and hands. As a result her vision became impaired and lost the use of both of her hands.

Through Shellyann’s journey she has learnt to soar above all odds by doing things that might seem to be impossible with the naked eyes. One of her latest project was painting pictures that symbolize LOVE. Shellyann believes when we work with love we break down barriers that cannot be broken down otherwise.

The following are some of the lessons Shellyann has learnt while painting her pictures;

 Each day you are given a blank canvas and it is up to you to decide how you are going to paint your picture.

 In order to accomplish your dreams you have to take the first step towards achieving your goals.

In Shellyann’s case it was putting her paintbrush on the canvas.

 Follow your heart. Do what feels right. Be willing to take chances despite what’s against you.

Shellyann’s painting may not have the perfect lines but she took a chance and painted from her heart.

 Fill your day with things that brings you joy.

Shellyann’s painting was filled with colors.

 Be proud of your work.

Shellyann was celebrating after each of her paintings because she knew that she gave it her all and was very proud of herself for taking RISKS!

 Be Grateful. At the end of the day have gratitude for all the abundant blessings you have in your life.

Shellyann was very grateful for having the support of her loved ones cheering her on as she did what many might think would be impossible.

Even the visually impaired CAN paint pictures!!!



Feb 10 2011

Almost three years ago I was given a unique opportunity to see and explore our magical world with my heart rather than just my naked eyes and I’m giving hugs rather than just handshakes.

See what happened was almost three years ago while working in a lab I was severely burnt on my face, neck, chest, arms and hands. As a result my vision became impaired and I lost the use of both of my hands.

At first my vision was blurry then gradually over the next few weeks and months my vision began to deteriorate. Just imagine waking up every morning seeing less and less. It was a scary journey. But with the help of family and friends they made sure that I lived my life as normal by making me do things that I did not taught was possible at the time. I went to shows, shopping, restaurant and lakes. Believe it or not, I even went to the movies with my loved ones narrating the entire movie (Slumdog millionaire and Madagascar 2). Having the support of family and friends made my transition from seeing everything to being in complete darkness much easier and safer.

Approximately three months after my accident I woke up one morning and was not able to see anything. The day that I have long dreaded now became a reality. I remembered waking up with a sense of fear and sadness not knowing what my future holds. At that moment I had to stop myself and think back of the twenty-four wonderful years that I was blessed to see our beautiful world. From that day onwards I made a conscious decision to live everyday to fullest regardless of my physical limitations.

Every day I am faced with new and unique challenges but I have not allowed them to keep me back from accomplishing my dreams and goals.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. We are given challenges because we are equipped with strength, faith, belief, love, compassion and forgiveness to overcome every obstacle that comes our way.

I have not allowed myself to be defined by my disability but rather using my “unique” ability of instilling LOVE and COMPASSION in our world.

My dear friend, we all face unique challenges but I am here to tell you that no matter what you are facing right now, just remember “this too shall pass”.

You are put on this planet because you have a purpose to fulfill. You are given challenges to reach new heights. You are given friends to lift up your spirit and you are given unconditional love to overcome every obstacle that comes your way.
You can and will Soar Above All Odds.
Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day.

Thank you for being apart of my journey of soaring above all odds.

I love and appreciate you!

Sending you lots of love and hugs,